Modular Tactical Firearm Bushmaster ACR Black Basic Weapon

Definitely the most adaptable and adaptive firearm ever conceptualized, was born of a collaborative effort and hard work between Bushmaster, Remington & Magpul to build the top armed service combat weapons system. The first of its kind, and the only rifle you require to ace the boundless number of excessive conditions you will encounter in the worlds of law enforcement and personal protection. The brand new Bushmaster Firearms Model ACR-SS-16M4ORC-B ACR Black Basic ORC Configuration redefines the key phrase “modular” along with the extraordinary ability to adjust calibers, barrel lengths and stock configurations in a few minutes – with out the use of tools. Just revealed through Bushmaster Arms ACR Black Basic ORC Configuration, the advancement you see here – developed specifically for our law-enforcement and private markets. It’s tested and verified reliable in the most challenging conditions on earth, truly ambidextrous and the uncompromising option when you demand a firearm as mission-flexible as you are. It’s not often you stumble on a really fantastic tactical firearm for a awesome low price. A lot of of the time your obligated to give up cost for good quality. Looks like things are evolving. Recently I ultimately acquired my personal Bushmaster Firearms Model ACR-SS-16M4ORC-B ACR Black Basic ORC Configuration from my hometown transfer dealer. I’ve been saving up my firearm dollars for nearly a 12 months.Ever since I read reports about the Bushmaster Arms ACR Black Basic ORC Configuration and got a chance to fire my relatives at the public range, I recognized I had to possess one. I have not had a chance to shoot the Bushmaster Model ACR-SS-16M4ORC-B yet, but I’ve been acquiring a number of components for the Bushmaster ACR Black Basic ORC Configuration while I was conserving my funds. Thanks to its light weight, it is convenient to carry and the Bushmaster Firearms Model ACR-SS-16M4ORC-B ACR Black Basic ORC Configuration is even simpler to fire. Engineered with specifically top-grade components and created to the strictest specifications, this Bushmaster Firearms Model ACR-SS-16M4ORC-B ACR Black Basic ORC Configuration is exceedingly accurate, tough, and dependable, and makes a incredible addition to any gun collection. The Bushmaster Arms Model ACR-SS-16M4ORC-B is created with a 16 ½” cold hammer-forged barrel with modern coating for significant long life, A2 flash hider with excellent signature reduction, Adjustable, two-position gas-piston-driven system, for firing suppressed or unsuppressed and much more… The Bushmaster Firearms ACR Black Basic ORC Configuration also involves such high-quality enhancements as rugged flip forward and rear sights to furnish extra resilience and cosmetic appeal. The Bushmaster Arms ACR Black Basic ORC Configuration has a mfg. list price of 2343.00. I wound up buying it over the internet for much less. Most dealers in my local area sought mfg. list plus which didn’t set well with my financial position. I ordered from Class 3 Weapons at a substantial financial savings. Once I get to the shooting range I will have some follow up guidance on accuracy and precision and what ammo I am making use of. I overlooked to say, the accessories I ordered was a laser to install on the rail just forward of the handguard and a Eotech optic. I don’t know which type of optic I will go with though. No matter what way I am going, laser or red dot, it will not be wasted because I possess a handful of Bushmaster Arms within the vault that I’d love to try either on. I am off and away to the local firing range…Rock On!

Differences Between Firearm Insurance And Firearm Business Insurance

Firearms are dangerous and carry risks, therefore, insurance is always advisable. However, there are different types of coverage and not all of them are suitable for any situation. The difference between firearm insurance and firearm business insurance is based on the use that the weapons receive. Therefore, a business working with firearms should not be satisfied with firearm insurance and should get firearm business insurance too. Simple firearm insurance protects the bearer from accidents and liability by damages produced with the gun. However, if the firearms are used as part of a business like in sporting firearm commerce or collector’s exhibitions, there is another kind of policy that needs to be purchased. Moreover, there are actually two different policies that are known as firearm business insurances. Firearm Insurance Firearm insurance protects the owner and or bearer of the weapon from damages caused by its use or misuse (depending on the extension of the insurance contract). The average policy includes only accidents caused by the use of the gun, however, some insurance policies may include other risks like damage to properties when using the weapon reasonably, etc. Under no circumstances an insurance policy will cover for the illegal use of a firearm that results in damages to people or possessions. However, damages caused when using a firearm to defend oneself are usually covered by firearm insurance policies as the self defense is an exception that excludes the misdemeanor from most actions that would otherwise constitute a crime. Firearm Business Insurances As explained above, there are two different types of firearm business insurances. Neither of them has to do with actual firearm insurance and should complement it. These insurances protect the holder, user or transporter of any damages caused to the weapon or by the weapon under its commercial use. Since firearms can be used commercially in different ways, more than one insurance policy had to be created. Collector policies are firearm business insurance that protect the owner against damages when the weapons are not fired or used. This includes the use of weapons only for exhibits, and needs also to protect the goods while they are in route to a show or exhibition against: fire, flood, theft, damage, explosion or other accidental damages that may render the firearm useless for the commercial purpose covered. Sporting firearm business insurance, on the other hand, protects weapons that are used for competitive shooting, target shooting, hunting or any other LEGAL use that implies firing the weapons. It obviously protects both the weapons and other possessions and people from the damages caused by the firearms. On both cases, it is very important to obtain, prior to the insurance contract, an appraisal of the firearm value, especially when the weapon is an antique. It is advisable to get it from a third party and not to resort only to the insurance company’s appraisal specialists even if your are asked to provide a value yourself for the insurance contract as price variations can occur and you should be protected of that too.

Great Things About A Digital Gun Safe

For some people, guns are a way associated with lifestyle, and knowning that being the situation, getting good firearm safes is key for a number of factors. The obvious of those factors may be the safety of one’s family, there have been many mishaps in various households concerning firearms. In some cases adults can become injured, however in the worst case scenario a child is hurt or even wiped out. Standard weapon safes aren’t enough with regards to the welfare of the family. The thing you need these days is definitely an electronic weapon safe.

When you’re buying your own electronic secure there are some things in particular that you’ll want to make sure. First of all, is the safe fireproof? Some are, and some are not, but a fireproof safe will not only protect your weaponry, but also an investment you have made in them over the years. That being the case, you will most surely want to find gun safes that are fire resistant.

How will the safe open? In the case of the majority of, you’d be dealing with a combination locking mechanism, but a digital gun secure normally uses a keypad of some type. This keypad may show the actual numbers while you type all of them via an LED display or it might display practically nothing. You will need to choose an interface type before purchasing the safe as it would be more difficult to have it done afterwards.

If you are not interested in a keypad then you definitely might try what is referred to as fingerprint identification. While this had been at one time a technology employed by the government, it is now widely used upon personal safes, and it is considered a nearly fool proof, you will have to make sure the secure features an additional entry method just in case.

Finding a safe that may hold your own weapons is essential these days, and knowning that being the situation it is important for you to begin buying instantly. Using the wide variety of electronic gun safe manufacturers out there you will most certainly find something that meets your needs. The final and most important piece of advice we can give you regarding your safe however is that you choose a safe to suit all of your weaponry. Along with fitting all of them, you have to ensure that the your rifles will actually match inside. There have been issues with this in the past and also you certainly don’t wish to be a victim once you get a gun secure home. Seek information ad you will eventually locate a great secure capable of meeting your needs for both comfort and safety, which is extremely important with regards to weapons.

Walther P22 With A Factory Laser: Fun Factor 10

The Walther P22 is among the most fun target pistol to shoot. It’s small, fires an inexpensive round and has the ability to accept various attachments and accessories. Of all the accessories available, the factory laser sight will deliver the most enjoyment for your money.

With a price tag of roughly $300, the Walther P22 is a tremendously fun firearm to target shoot. It’s accurate, compact and fits comfortably into large and small hands alike making it an ideal pistol to introduce youngsters to the sport of target shooting. If the stellar looks of the P22 don’t sell even the most skeptical newcomers, adding a laser sight to the mix is sure to get them to give it a shot – no pun intended.

There are a few different laser sights on the market specifically designed for the Walther P22 ranging from high-end units that produce a green laser to low-end units that produce a red laser and clip precariously to the front of the P22’s trigger guard. The lower-end units are recommended because they’re often hard to see and they don’t hold their settings very well after repeated shots. These lasers wouldn’t make the best impression on a new shooter.

The high-end green lasers are great. They’re well made, maintain sight settings well and the green dot that they produce is often visible even in direct sunlight at distances of 30 feet or more. The downside is that they carry a price tag of about $200 depending on where you buy it.

The middle of the road option that many Walther P22 owners have gone with is the factory laser sight by Walther. It only costs about half as much as the green lasers and it comes with almost all the benefits. The only difference, of course, is that the factory laser produces a red laser beam instead of a green one. However, the factory laser’s dot is much more visible than the one produces by the low-end products.

Being designed by Walther, it’s no surprise that the factory laser attaches to the P22 so perfectly it’s virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the pistol. It sits snuggly on the pistol’s rails just in front of the trigger guard and doesn’t over hand the frame at all. The factory laser turns an already accurate, fun pistol into a plinking machine that even a new shooter can use to pick-off small targets at 30 feet or more.

The appeal of the laser, besides its cool looks, is that it makes hitting the target a lot easier than with standard fixed sites and it adds another dimension to the target shooting experience. If you’ve got or are thinking about purchasing a Walther P22, do yourself a favor and pick up a factory laser sight as well.

BB gun: Follow the safety rules

A BB gun is a popular toy gun. Since it is not possible to use real guns for the children as they can be unsafe, you should simply go for a BB gun. BB gun is a great fun gun for the children. But, the primary step should be to teach the children about the proper use of BB guns.

Your children should be aware that this BB gun is not a toy. With the use of BB guns, one can know that how one can use a real gun, this helps in self protection. Children can practice it in a good faith. Children should be aware that these guns should be handled properly, as it can harm anyone and cause injuries.

BB guns can be misused, so there are some guidelines that should be followed by the parents while giving these guns to their children, which are as follows:

• Children who have attained 16 years of age are eligible for the use of BB gun, as per the Consumer Products Safety Commission. The age can vary from one state to another.

• Parents should clearly teach the difference between a real gun and a BB gun, so that a child should not get confused and use a real gun in place of a BB gun.

• The markings on a BB gun should not be removed and the gun should be of bright colors. If the markings are removed, policemen can mistake a toy gun for the real gun.

• A BB gun can harm your eyes and cause injuries while shooting, as it can also get backfired. Therefore, the child using this toy gun should wear eye protection.

• Parents should try these toy guns on their own first and then handle it to the children. The sound of the fire should not be so much loud, as it can make your children deaf and damage hearing. There should be hearing protection given to the children.

The above mentioned safety rules for BB gun should be followed properly for the safety of your child. There are some other rules also for using these toy guns, which should be taken care of before buying one. If your child uses a BB gun as per the safety rules, it could be fun and learning experience for him. So, go and buy a BB gun for your child, but with care.

Embracing Your Inner Warrior

Embracing My Inner Warrior

They say that you can do anything in Vegas. Well, apparently, you can. My older kids noticed a brochure on the tourist racks for a place called “The Gun Store.” Yeah, I know a gun store? “But dad, they have all of these uber old guns from World War II and stuff and they even let grownups fire some of them.”
My wife was less than excited about this. Being a guy (and a Warrior at heart) I admit that my curiosity was up. Apparently, this place is famous worldwide. Ozzie Osborne is a regular. We had done the typical Vegas tourist stuff and this place was on the road out of town so we decided that we’d see what the fuss was about.
Well, this place really was uber. I’m not a big gun person and if you hate guns or whatever I understand that this may make you uncomfortable but in this case my love of history and my own male nature just got the best of me. They had historic and modern guns all over their walls. It was like a museum but in this museum, for a price, you can do more than just look.
They had an MP-40. That’s one of those German machine guns that you see in all the movies (worth up to $45,000 each and impossible to buy on the antique gun market). And yes, I just had to try it out on their range (see photo above). It was a once in a lifetime experience. Then there was an authentic Tommy gun; the kind that the gangsters used in the 1930s. They also had much more.
Just the money sitting around this place was unbelievable. All of this stuff must have cost them a fortune and taken years to assemble. I have done some historical reenacting in my past and seeing and experiencing all of this history was just awesome. The whole time I was guided by a highly-trained professional who was a US Special Forces guy and an expert in martial arts. Plus he was a very nice person, too.
Was this a testosterone-filled environment? Yes. It was also a first-class one. It was just the kind of quirky and unusual non-touristy stuff that I love to find when we travel.
Frankly, I enjoy the fact that I have no trouble blending my own peaceful spirituality with my more animal passions in a strange looking blend that nevertheless works for me.
I believe that only when we embrace every part of who we are (without fear) can we truly find peace and happiness and have uber cool days like today, too.
For me, that is the essence of what it means to be a Passionate Warrior

Pepper spray versus a stun gun: Which is best for you?

Pepper spray and stun guns are two popular self defense products for women that are available today. They are great tools for making sure that you are prepared for anything, but we don’t live in a one-size-fits-all world. These weapons defense capabilities are very different from each other. We all have our own tastes in music, food, clothing, and lifestyle. Your choice of how you are going to defend yourself if faced with an attacker is just as personal.

When choosing between pepper spray and a stun gun, you must consider three things: Your personality, your geographic location, and your physical strengths and habits. The art of self defense is not always all about size and strength.

Do you go into panic mode fairly easily or do you stay steady in the face of a potential threat? People who tend to panic will be a better match with a stun gun than their braver counterparts. This is because with a stun gun, you do not have to hit a certain spot – simply zap your attacker anywhere on the body. Pepper spray, on the other hand, must be sprayed directly into the face and eyes to be effective.

Geographic Location
Do you live in a particularly windy area? If so, a stun gun will be more useful to you than pepper spray. Not only does spraying into the wind make it likely that you’ll miss your target, but it could also blow back into your own face. Rainy areas can also pose a problem for pepper spray use. A stun gun will zap just the same in windy and rainy weather as it does on a sunny day bathed in calm air.

Strengths and Habits
Think about your strengths and weaknesses. Pepper spray can be sprayed from a distance of eight inches to around ten feet from your own face – some brands and types may spray even further. To use a stun gun, you must actually press the device up against your attacker. Can you do that? And since stun guns are harder to hide than small canisters of pepper spray, think about your typical attire. Do you layer your clothing or often go without a coat? Do you wear loose outfits or do you prefer skintight threads? You must think through how you are going to carry your personal defense weapon. The newer stun guns are more compact but pepper spray is still the smallest and lightest form of self-protection on the market today. Stun guns are heavier and more awkward to keep secret.

The reality is that both pepper sprays and stun guns will help you to effectively defend yourself. However, like so many other things, some will work better for one person but not the other. Think your decision through before making your purchase. As inexpensive as they are, you may find it to be convenient to buy both. Carry a pepper spray on your key chain or in your purse and have a stun gun ready for quick access in your vehicle. That way, you can increase the odds that you will be prepared to fight back effectively according to the circumstances. The choice is up to you.